Upper Dearne Valley Navigators


Navigators meet on Thursday Evenings from 7:00 till 9:00pm

The age range covers 10 - 15 years and 15 - 18 years.

Most evenings are mixed but sometimes the group is divided for different activities. The purpose is to help build young people with a sense of community and belonging. We do this through teamwork, individual skills and activities that build trust and self confidence.

An example is Firestaff - A steel tube with kevlar wicks at either end. The wicks get soaked in fuel and then set alight. The "firespinners" then use them to perform spinning and balancing with fire. It is an activity that looks risky, but it helps build confidence and self awareness.  Some past performers have gone on to juggle fire clubs and play with fire poi, and the braver ones have tried fire eating and fire breathing.

However, there are less dramatic and perhaps more practical skils taught too, and no Navigator leaves us without the basic skills to cook a meal, either on a stove or over an open fire. We teach basic first aid, navigation and campcraft skills.

At the moment we do not do badgework and we do not have a specific uniform, although the Navigators agreed on a blue and grey hoodie at the outset. Most have the hoddie and we ask them to wear it when we are at "away" activities.

Navigators have helped with various local projects including damn removal in Upper Dearne Woodlands to enable fish migration, balsalm bashing, pond clearing and  taking a key role in Light Up The Woods



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