Upper Dearne Valley Navigators

Junior Navigators - aged 7 - 10 years of age

NEWS - Junior Navigators are operating at near capacity and will be running a waiting list from February 2019.  Get you child's name onthe list to avoid disappointment.

This is where we introduce younger children to the idea of Navigators. The Junior Navigators section covers the age range from 7 through to 10. We take boys and girls and have no religious or political affiliations.

The aims of the Junior Section remain the building of a Moral Compass, but we don't labour the point, we hope that it develops by osmosis rather than dogma.

Junior Navigators come to meeting nights where they learn through play - team games, individual games, and they will start to develop the skills they can use to create adventures in Navigators. By using a loose structure we allow the Junior Navigators to have fun whilst they also take part in activities. We do not allow a free for all, but we do not enforce participation. If someone wishes to sit out on a game or an activity, that is fine so long as they are not disruptive. We will encourage but never force.

We plan to introduce Junior Navigators to traditional and modern skills - so we will teach them the basics of camping and even cooking over a campfire, but if they wish to try the latest craze, that is fine too ( though we do avoid bringing computer games etc.. into Navigators - we are trying to offer activity beyond the screen).

Your childen may well come home from Navigators muddy, possibly smelling of smoke, and at times when we have been out in the countryside, they may come back with scratches and scrapes and the odd bruise or sting - just like many of us did when we were kids. We want to give young people experiences that they will enjoy and remember. Some of what we do might follow what is done at school, but our aim is to, as Robert Baden Powell* once said, "Look wide and then look wider still."

So, you can expect your son or daughter to come home from Navigators having stepped into an adventure and hopefully we can help them to grow adventures of their own.

*Robert Baden Powell codified scouting. He took what young people were already doing and he codified it and gave it structure. He put adults into youth gangs and started the Scout Association, in a simple history, from that early start in 1907 there developed - in the UK a number of scouting organisations. Navigators is perhaps the latest development to come out of scouting, but whist we are more relaxed and open, we still look to the ethos of those early days for guidance.

We do offer a badge scheme for Junior Navigators, but it is not the be-all-and-end-all of what we do.




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