Upper Dearne Valley Navigators

Alsace  2 - 2013

(Heritage Articles reflect the experience we have in planning and execution of International events)

 (Unfortunately images from this trip have been lost due to a corrupt hard drive)


This was, unbeknown to us, to be our final International trip with Scouts. Alsace is a wonderful region in France that borders Switzerland and Germany, and in fact has been a land that has been claimed variously by France and Germany over the centuries. So much so that Alsace is the only department in France that has a special legal arrangement that allows a blend of laws from both French and German periods of ocupation.

We chose Alsace because it is an area that we know well and one that is both picturesque and full of opportunities for activities and adventure. Accommodation was found at Haus Oberlinn, run by a German Scout Association. We did try contacting French Scouts but we had no luck. We couldn't even get a response from their campsite of Heissenstein.

We travelled using MPVs and our first stop was at Tournai, where we arrived in a near 40 degree heat wave. The girl played in the fountains in the central square, and some of us took the time to climb the belfry at Tournai.

The next day we drove down to Alsace, it is a long haul but when we arrived the scenery was fantastic, as usual. The accommodation was in a village in the mountains near Selestat. there were few facilities in the village, but it ws only a short trip to LeClercs in Selestat.

The week was filled with rips to Haute Konigsburg Castle, a canoe trip on a tributary of the Rhine, a visit to Freiburg in Germany where we climbed the Schlossberg and went up the observation platform.

We went white water rafting at Huninque and that proved to one of the highlights of the trip. Plus we had a day in Strasbourg visiting the old city and taking in its picturesque buildings and waterways.

Of course, we had to vsit the stork sanctuary at Hunawhir, and the walled towns of Ribeauville and Riquewhir.

On our return home we stopped off at Bastogne and spent our final evening in Bruges, where the party enjoyed the final concert of the local music festival. 




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