Upper Dearne Valley Navigators

Mexico - Footsteps of the Maya

(Heritage Articles reflect the experience we have in planning and execution of International events)

Footsteps of the Maya was a County International event and the first of a new style of trip that is part charity work, part leisure. With an option for some of the team to undertake a challenge rather than work at an orphange (in this case).

After a team selection process the selected Scouts trained for their trip to Mexico, including bike rides, camps and a weekend Changing Rooms at a local church.

Once in mexico the party split in two, one part going to the orphanage, the others riding some 200km across Mexico on mountain tracks.

The two parties met up after the first week to tour Mexico visiting Mayan temples, and various scenic sites along the way.

They met up with Mexican Scouts and most came home with one part of Mexican Scout uniform or another.



The last leg of the trip was a couple of relaxing days at the tourist haven of Cancun.

Some of the party were able to go Scuba diving at Cancun, the rest just enjoyed the sun and the sand.






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