Upper Dearne Valley Navigators

Fire Skills

Where Fire Is Fun


Not what you were thinking? Well we do fires and firelighting but fireskills with firestaff and poi are very useful tools in addressing co-ordination and overcoming fears. They are much safer than they appear to be if we follow the rules…

There are a few simple rules to what we do..

1/ Don't do this at home folks.

2/ Have ample first aid cover available, especially for burns treatment

3/ Every performer must have a "spotter" prepared with fire protection equipment such as water, or a fire blanket or a fire extinguisher (make a note of the type used so that you can advise the emergency services).

4/ Practise, practise, practise.  And practise dry with ordinary staffs, diabolo, poi etc. before you even think of going "Hot"

5/ Use only properly fitted kevlar wicks soaked in paraffin. NEVER use anything else - "fire water" is illegal in the UK. Petrol is lethal and anything else is very messy and smokey.

6/ Either wear minimal clothing, or tightly fitting cotton.

7/ Tie hair back and do not use hair spray unless you want a spectacular addition to your display.  Wet long hair before performing.

8/ Don't make your display over complicated - KISS 

9/ Be aware that a burning poi or staff has greater air resistance so moves slower than the "dry" equivalent.

10/ Also be aware that using a Diabolo in daylight is one thing, it becomes much more difficult with a Fire Diabolo - much slower, and virtually impossible when the control string is invisible in the dark.

11/ Fire Swords - Practise, practise, practise... Remember that unless the sword is designed for contact, ie a steel based weapon wrapped in Kevlar, that contact is likely to result in the sword shattering - even Bokkens. So, combat must be choreographed and non-contact. (Steel swords will see the wick damaged on contact and may result in debris flying off the weapon - avoid steel fireswords unless they are specially manufactured for the act.

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