Upper Dearne Valley Navigators

1st Upper Dearne Valley Navigators was created by popular demand when after 20 years of service Ewan and Fiona Scott resigned from the Scout Association.

Within days of having left Scouts, young people and parents were asking that Ewan and Fiona did something that would continue the range of activities they had previously offered.  After a summer of impromtu meetings attended by around 20 young people it was decided that if there was the interest then we had to put our money where our heart was. Insurance was arranged and membership of UK Navigators was decided upon*.

Very shortly the group gained more members and it has run at around 28 -30 youth members since.

In our first part year we had a revenue of £8,500 and that forced us to register as a charity with the Charity Commission, our first full year saw an income of in excess of £25,000, which gives some measure of the level of activity that Navigators offers its members and supporters.

Since starting, the team has been supplemented by Maria Glover ( Chair), Carol Power ( Secretary), Leanne Glover, Lynne Carol (Trustee), James Drainer (Trustee), Lynne Carroll (Trustee) and Ruaridh Scott (Skills Instructor), Callum Scott (Skills Instructor), Aileen Horsfield and Nicola Kelley as Junior Navigators Leaders. We welcome interest from anyone who wishes to join the team as a Leader or Instructor, or even as a Trustee

* The ideals of Scouting as laid out by Baden-Powell over 100 years ago largely remain true and we follow those ideals as best we can, whilst adapting them to the modern era and sensibility. One of the causes of our decision to leave the Scoyt Association after 20 years was the increasingly bureaucratic regulation and the application of local rules. Although we did not resign in order to start Navigators, when we realised that this was what was happening we did look at all forms of alternate Scouting and we felt that UK Navigators and its simple set of rules - one side of A4, was best suited to what we wanted to provide.


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